Debrah Strait
Pirates! Dragon! Voice-overs
Why here: Both writer and service provider.
Description: The Sweet Trade - pirate adventure yarn for adults
The Dragon's Gold - Middle Grade/YA fantasy
About: THE SWEET TRADE: In 1670, when Henry Morgan raided Panama, 2500 pirates and buccaneers sailed along. This is the story of one of them.

THE DRAGON'S GOLD: A knight in rusty armor. A dragon with a bad cough. A damsel in distress who doesn't want to be rescued. A treasure to be won.
City: Bisbee
Contact Info: Phone:520-432-2834
E-Mail:debrahstrait at yahoo dot com
Here since: 20 Dec 2014
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Flash of the Pen Short Story Late January, 2015, for E-readers and print