Can a man take you seriously as an adult when he's witnessed all of the awkward phases of your life?
Author: Dawn M. Turner
Description: Book 1 of the Donovan Legacy series
Details: After a serious injury wrecks her plans for a place on the Olympic Equestrian Team, professional rider Missy Donovan marries security consultant Aaron Everett, a man she's known her entire life and loved since her teens. Only one problem - he doesn't love her in return.

Aaron has loved Missy since she was sixteen years old, but she's never expressed interest in him "that way". Despite promptings to tell her the truth, he can't bring himself to tell his wife that he's in love with her. Will she ever see him as more than the "big brother" who happened to grow up next door?

Will they ever find the courage to tell each other the truth?
Genre: Romance Christian/Inspirational, Contemporary
Available: 2013 June 18
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