How do you survive when you rely on no one but yourself and someone wants you dead?
Author: Dawn M. Turner
Description: Police Officer Terry O’Reilly is burned out, trapped by a long-ago promise. Certain God has abandoned her, she walks an emotional tightrope. Now someone wants her dead. She doesn’t know who he is or why he’s threatening her. Unwanted attraction to a man she barely knows isn’t helping matters.

Wes Donovan came to Tucson to do a favor for a friend. Sworn to secrecy about his identity, his purpose and who sent him, he’s left with no choice but to lie to the woman he’s been sent to protect. Then he meets his assignment.

Can she keep him at a distance while still holding it together?

Can he break past the walls she hides behind so he can see her smile?

Can both of them survive this relationship? Will Terry find the faith she’s lost?
Genre: Romance Christian, Romantic Suspense
Available: 2013 Feb.