Benjamin Benn Mabrey: Yankee Soldier
Author: Dawn M. Turner
Description: This book was originally written by my husband's grandmother. I was asked to recreate and revise it according to notes and additions she left behind.
Details: In the War Between the States, Benjamin Benn Mabrey enlisted in the Union Army on August 9, 1862.  He left his wife, Louisa, and infant daughter, Alice, to serve with the 82nd Indiana Regiment of Volunteers.  His time of service continued until the end of the War.  His descendents preserved many of the letters he wrote during those three years of service.  Those letters were compiled along with historical narratives written by the author to complete this book.  Contained within these pages is information about various battles, military actions and people about which “Benny” wrote.
Genre: History Civil War
Available: 2012 July 15